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Turn Your Staff into Social Media Stars with “Behind the Scenes” Videos

Oct 31, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Video

Digital marketing changes fast. Posting content is no longer enough — now it needs to be personalized content or content that tells a story and opens up a conversation. Behind-the-Scenes videos are a standout way to tell your story.


Video marketing can sometimes seem high maintenance. There personas to target, scripts to write, and brand strategies to follow. And then there’s the totally intimidating prospect of getting in front of a camera to become the face of your business and make it all come together. It’s enough to make the average business owner retreat back into the safe world of written content and the old blog post.

But every business has a story to tell and one of the best ways to tell it is by giving consumers a peek behind the scenes at your company. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos accomplish this with the added bonus of a more casual approach production that can make the whole process much more enjoyable for video first-timers.

Why BTS Videos Matter

Behind-the-scenes videos are also one of the best ways I know of to make your company more transparent. And transparency is what today’s consumers want. It lends to the authenticity of your brand and it helps align values. If they see happy staff who take pride in their jobs, that makes your brand stand out as a place where values matter.

The 3 Types of BTS Videos

  1. The Mini-Documentary. These would be high production value mini-documentaries like the kind published by Ford. The “star” of the documentary can also be a product, with staff playing supporting roles.
  2. The Interview. Turn the spotlight on a star employee with an interview that lets them tell the reasons they love working at your company or why they love the brand. Alternatively, have the founder tell the “origin” story of the brand itself.
  3. The Time-Lapse. This is a handy technique for showing operations as they occur naturally on the shop floor. Great for brands where manufacturing figures heavily in the business model.


Every BTS video you make that stars one of your staff is another reason for consumers to trust your brand. Spread the news on social media and you’ve got a winning formula for 21st-century marketing.  And if you need guidance with your behind-the-scenes video production, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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