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How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Business

Jul 10, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Management

Building search engine traffic takes time. Relying on Google to increase the ranking of your business is like staring at a pot of water waiting for it to boil. Increasing site visibility requires a proactive content approach, yet 70% of marketers fail to implement an integrated strategy. Influencer marketing is a great way to get in front of other relevant audiences that have already been established. Here’s How to Use Influencers to Grow Your Business.

Gaining an Immediate Audience

Seth Godin is an authority on marketing in the digital age. On Facebook, the best-selling author, blogger, and speaker has over 370k followers. Young House Love is a married couple with a passion for home improvement and DIY. By walking audiences through the how-to of three home renovations, the couple has earned a fan following of 183k people. So how do you find a relevant influencer to support your business?

While the idea of getting in front of several thousand followers is appealing, start off by doing your homework first. Who is your target audience and who are influencers within that arena? Understand the type of content being delivered. Is it relevant to your business? What is the content quality and how often are they updating their posts? What is their brand image, and how are they perceived by other influencers?

While top-level mainstream stars may not be looking for partnerships, there are dozens of tier two and three influencers that can add value to your business. When the connection is right, these relevant thought leaders can act as a sort of matchmaker, bringing awareness of your business to their audience.

Faster Conversion

With established authority, social media influencers have the ability to persuade their audience and the results can happen quickly. Talking to their online community about a great new product may result in that product selling out. Promoting a specific cause can increase voices of support for that organization. Conversely, a strong influencer who has had a negative experience, can take a group of qualified buyers and change their minds before they ever see the product. Loyal advocates listen and act accordingly. Define the product or service you will bring and deliver on expectations and quality.

Building Your Authority More Quickly

High-level influencers have invested significant time in building their own identity and mission. Their followers are the result of fostered relationships. In agreeing to support your business, the influencer is acknowledging legitimacy and trust. This trickle-down effect creates an assumption by the target that you are also a trusted authority. This is maximum exposure as their followers become your followers. Getting an audience in the door is one thing while keeping them is another. Now that you have their attention, keep them engaged with a continuously evolving digital strategy.

Engaging Influencers

The strongest influencer marketers know what it took to gain a large and loyal following. Protective of their community like a parent over a child, they connect with their audiences on a personal level. The quickest way to lose a potential partnership is by sending a self-focused Pitch to connect. Begin by developing a relationship, following their social pages and subscribing to blogs and newsletters. Interact with thought-provoking comments about their posts. If they are selling a product, consider buying it and leaving a review. If they are a public speaker, considering attending local events and introduce yourself afterward. Once you decide they are the right fit, develop a proposal with recommendations on how you will work together and why a joint partnership is beneficial to both businesses.

Strategize and be prepared to demonstrate what’s in it for them. Understand the value they are seeking for their business. Are you connected with other influencers they may find valuable? Create high quality curated content they can reuse and repurpose. Introduce your qualified audience to them. Present a range of options for their involvement from guest spot blogging, to social sharing, product samples, or referrals. Always follow up and stay in contact. Turn short-term opportunities into a long-term partnership.

Word of mouth marketing is powerful. A dynamic and reputable social influencer has the ability to sway the purchase decision and loyalty of a large audience. Be smart in your approach, analyze potential partners and become well-versed in their business. Ensure that they are right for you and right for your audience. Protect your own loyal following as if a parent over a child.

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