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The Power of Why

Jun 21, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Marketing

How not being afraid to ask “why” can lead to some amazing life lessons that will serve you well.

If you have young children or have ever been fortunate enough to be in their company, you may recall how every other word seems to be “why?”   But why mommy (or daddy)?  Why is the sky blue? Why is it good to eat vegetables when candy tastes so much better?  Why do I have to clean my room?  Why do dogs have four legs?  Why do I have to go to sleep when I am not tired? Why don’t pigs fly?

Interestingly, research shows that question asking peaks at age 4 or 5 and then steadily drops off as children begin school where answers are more valued than questions.  As a result, we become accustomed to accepting what we are told – we stop asking “why?”  As an entrepreneur, I became aware of this tendency when I was doing research in anticipation of starting my own digital marketing company.  I spoke with friends who owned their own companies and I reached out to several online marketing companies, questioning them about why they posted on social media 7 days a week or why they chose to spend so much money on Google Ads?   The responses astounded me – they simply told me that their digital marketing company told them to – and so they did.  When I asked a video production company why a certain video was eight minutes long or a social media company why they designed a website a certain way or why they chose to post on Pinterest, they would tell me because the client said to – and so they did. No one ever asked why.

I would never stop asking “why?”

When I founded Capture Digital Marketing, I made a commitment to myself and to my future clients.  I would never stop asking “why?”  Why does digital marketing work?  Why do you choose one avenue of social media versus another?  Why should a video be a certain length?  Why should content be released on a consistent basis?  Why is one call to act superior to another?  Why should you start a Google AdWords campaign when you haven’t identified your primary keywords yet?  What I have found out is that when you understand the “why”, your ability to succeed, evolve and grow knows no boundaries.  Asking “why” and having an answer provides integrity and strength to your core beliefs and lays a foundation for you to build upon.  This is critical to building a business and it is critical to being successful in life.

And that is what this blog will be about.  How not being afraid to ask “why” can lead to some amazing life lessons that will serve you well.   Our education system encourages acceptance – take what you are told, memorize it and move on – and our lack of time encourages us to be complacent and to take things at face value.  We need to go back to when we were 4 or 5 years old and understand why we are told what we are told –we need to ask why more often.  Not so that we can challenge what we are told, but so that we can truly understand.  Then we can have strength in our convictions and be able to look forward without questioning the past.

So, apologize to your kids for getting frustrated with them for asking why for the umpteenth time!  Then, check back here often as I answer the why’s about entrepreneurship and digital marketing as well as the why’s that have been answered by others that have provided me with life lessons that make me a better businessman, father, friend, and human being.

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